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Show what you're talking about

Capture screenshots and screen recordings instantly: save to the Google Drive with a link you can share with anyone, anywhere.

Capture a screenshot
Choose the type of screen capture

Capture part or the entire screen.
Or take a full webpage screenshot.
Annotate by adding text or color highlight.
Use the image editor to add shapes like lines, circles, arrows, and boxes.

Capture a screen record 

Choose the type of screen video

Record your Desktop or Camera only.
Narrate with your microphone’s audio.
Include your face in your video by embedding your webcam.

Copy shareable Drive link with one click.
Publish directly to your YouTube channel.

Sync with Google Drive

One click to save screenshot and screen recordings to your Google Drive account and get a shareable link.


Upload Videos & Screenshots to Google Drive.
Copy shareable Drive link with one click.
Download uploaded videos in WebM or MP4 format.
You are just a few clicks away from the perfect screenshot tool

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