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Privacy Policy

We are proud to inform that our extension not tracks users’ browsing activities or other personal information. We don’t use any analytics service or other similar tool to measure user interactions, item usage etc. We neither collect any kind of personal or otherwise information from the installation of our item. Privacy of our users is our top priority.

Screenshot Master & Screen Recorder bowser extension use of information received from Google APIs will adhere to Google API Services User Data Pol
icy, including the Limited Use requirements.

User Activity
We do not monitor user activity.

Permissions and Security

The permissions You agree to when installing the extensions are the minimum requirements for the extensions to perform their basic purpose. Optional permissions which you may grant after installing the extensions give you more control and safety.​

Collecting, storing & sharing user data​

This extension use local storage to store the history of captured screenshots. We don't collect or share any user data with third parties.

How to delete all my user data related to the extension?

Simply uninstall the extension normally and all local user data will be erased.

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